About Waari Tradition
Vithoba or Lord Vitthal
Vithoba is also known as Vitthala or Panduranga.He is known to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The “Vi” in his name denotes “knowledge” and “Thoba” denotes “shape”. “Ba” is also used to denote “father” in Marathi.He is depicted as a young boy with his hands on his hips, sometimes accompanied by his consort Rukmini.

Festivals and ceremonies held in praise of Vithoba are celebrated on the 11th day of Hindu lunar months (Ekadashi). Poet-saints are known for their literary work, known as abhangas which express their devotion and gratitude towards Vithoba. Other forms of literature dedicated to Vithoba include the Marathi versions of aartis various Kannada hymns.

Vithoba’s temple at Pandharpur is a center of pilgrimage for millions of devotees across Maharashtra. Pundalik was an ardent devotee of Panduranga.There are many stories which portray his love and devotion for Vithoba.Bhaktalilamrita,Bhaktavijaya,Pundalika-Mahatmya and an abhanga by Sant Namdeo describe Pundalik