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IT Dindee volunteers walk every year from Alandi to Pune. This distance is approximately 21 km. The group assembles at Sri Sai Mandir at the outskirts of Alandi. This assembly begins at around 5:30am as later it becomes difficult to reach to this spot. So we recommend everyone to start from their respective homes in Pune at around 4:00am. Last year we have done common bus to take the group to Sai Mandir,

Waari is a tradition having diversity in itself. People from all sections of society participate in it. They are from all creeds, castes, clans, rich, poor, Industrialists, Scientists, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Leaders, Government officers, private sector officers, workers, Bank employees, devotees of various Spiritual sects etc…

For e.g. Hari Bhakta Paraayan JaiRaj Maharaj (Jaitun Bee) was born of a Muslim but she had been with the tradition all along her life !!! She was participating in this Waari right from her childhood!! Such was her devotion to Lord Vithoba and Waari that she breathed her last in Waari itself which she had wished!!

Another Dindee is lead by Hari Bhakta Paraayan MangalaaTaai Kaamble she also has this tradition since long !!!

Similarly, there are devotees not only from Mahaaraashtra but from other states like Karnaatak, Andhra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Gujrath etc. Many even join from other countries like USA or Europe also. They truly augment the universal spirit of the tradition.

It was noticed that the Waari had people from all walks of life but devoid of IT/BPO/Technology field professionals. Many of them used to notice it due to either “Traffic diversions” Notices in their organizations or little with Media pictures or news. They were curious but not very sure as to whether they themselves can be part of it or what could be the eligibility criteria etc...

Then in 2006 some of them gathered together and decided to be part of this grand tradition. Those IT Professionals including those of BPO/Technology sector etc, found a group and walked from Aalandi to Pune. This group was named as “IT Dindee” as they were mainly from IT field. Dindee is a name of small group of devotees walking in the waari. Some of the members even walk down to end - PandharPur also.

What do these IT professionals get by participating in annual IT Dindee between Alandi and Pune?

  • First of all, it brings a spiritual joy!!
  • It makes you proud by holding the flag of our ancestors
  • It teaches you an humbleness
  • It gives a feeling of being a part of common Society
  • It proves to be a very good stress buster
  • It tests your physical fitness, remember this is a walk which stretches almost 21 km, but we are sure everyone enjoys this immensely